ARIA P60, Teaching and Playback allows you to teach P60 a set of movements by physically moving the arm and storing key frames. P60 will automatically interpolate movements between the key frames based on certain parameters to make seamless and accurate movements. This mode also has full control over P60’s automation control system will interface with your own sensors and actuators as well. Because there is no need to write code, Teaching and Playback is ideal for those who wish to create extremely accurate, highly repeatable movements without the need to be able to program.

  • No need to be able to write code.
  • Make very accurate and highly repeatable movements.
  • Make use of additional external sensors and actuators



  • Simple pick & place.
  • Sorting & stacking applications.



  • Cost efficient
  • Precision Repeatability
  • Controller Simplicity
  • Enhance flexibility and repurposing