Design, Upgrade & Refurbishment

ARIA Technologies technical team inspects robots, automation systems and entire production lines for mechanical, physical, electrical, and automation control systems defects. Following inspection, our experts will help you make the decision that is best for your business by recommending the most suitable automation system refurbishment and replacement options.

Based on the most suitable option, our service engineers will refurbish the automation control system for specific processes or for the entire production line. The newly refurbished system will then be rigorously tested to ensure it is safe, fully operational, and ready for use.

ARIA Technologies delivers bespoke Factory Automation Process Control solutions for your production lines to improve your business today and prepare it for the future.

Our Factory Automation team has the extensive experience, required skills and resources to deliver an end-to-end solution that is optimal for your operations. Our main purpose is to reduce your operational costs and make the overall process streamlined and significantly smoother.

Scope of services include:

  • Mechanical issues and functionality
  • Missing, broken, or worn components
  • System fault recovery
  • Electrical issues and functionality
  • Software issues
  • Integrating and programming the new automation systems
  • Safely powering-up systems and controllers
  • Performance of repeat-ability tests
  • Full manufacturer warranty applies