ARIA Technologies offers an industrial IoT platform enabling clients to monitor the performance of its entire plant in real-time. IIoT delivers countless benefits ranging from real-time monitoring of performance and quality control to equipment maintenance and safety.

By selecting our IIoT platform as the cornerstone for digital transformation, plant operators are redefining their manufacturing operations monitoring, maintenance and servicing of their entire plant in real-time.

How It Works?

The IIoT platform interconnects various sensors, machines and systems in a network with industrial applications and energy management systems to collect, exchange, and analyze operational and environmental data for the optimization and resilience of the plant operations.

Data collected for operational and environmental analytics include: temperature, vibration, stroke, torque, weight, energy and others measurements.

ARIA Technologies IIoT platform enables plant owners and operators to gain visual insights into all their operations including equipment and processes for more informed and rapid decision making.