Our linear robots are ideal for catering to versatile applications ranging from product variety to life cycles.

  • Cost efficient
  • Flexible and re-programmable
  • Lower manufacturing costs
  • Enhance flexibility and repurposing
  • Higher accuracy
  • Higher versatility
  • Higher simplicity for controllers

ARIA Technologies OEM Linear Robots consist of Cartesian and Gantry robot systems. They are characterized as highly accurate linear robotic systems as they move in straight lines as opposed to rotational. The linear motion is along three orthogonal axes X, Y, and Z. The Cartesian robot uses one linear actuator on each axis, whereas a Gantry robot is constructed with two base (X) axes, with the second (Y) axis spanning them. This configuration allows Gantries to have much longer stroke lengths and larger payloads than Cartesian robots.

Both types allow for high speed, great flexibility and simple re-programming to quickly accommodate design changes, specific applications, and unique requirements – saving time and cost.

In addition to being cost-efficient and more economical than other types of automation machines in operation, they are also perfect for repetitive and mundane tasks. Linear robots not only help industries save time, money and manpower, but also help them redirect their human workforce to take on more innovative roles.

  • Universal unloading applications for ejected parts
  • Post processing of parts
  • Simple pick & place
  • Simple sorting & stacking applications
  • Applications requiring multiple part orientations in space
  • Handling automation
  • Insert loading automation
  • Packaging and palletizing automation
  • Inspection automation
  • Home & Electric Appliance Industries
  • Plastic & Packaging Industries
  • Cosmetics Industries
  • Food & Beverage Industries
  • Automotive Industries
  • Defense Industries
  • Medical & Pharmaceutical Industries
  • FMCG Industries